Sometimes they lie.

Creativity is one of those things that you will never get people to agree on regarding ‘where’ it comes from and ‘what’ it is, exactly. There are creators who will tell you that their entire shtick is a lie. They found a niche that calls to the heart and they landed there. Every poem, lyric, … Continue reading Sometimes they lie.

Tell them :)

Listen. Awesome people need to be told they’re awesome. Repeatedly. Fervently. With spirit. They really don’t know. L.E.

He said…

I liked a boy once. He told his friends I was petty and savage. I never spoke to him again. Four years later his mother told me that he called me pretty and savage. He never spoke to me again. L.E.

I’m ready now.

I just want to do it differently.  I know you don’t understand - I don’t expect you to. This pain I carry; this guilt I feel in a fleeting moment of true joy, I’m tired now. I know you don’t understand - and that’s okay. I want to allow bliss to crawl across my flesh … Continue reading I’m ready now.

Real Talk

“You are very…. blunt.” Compliment, statement of fact, or insult, no matter. No. I’m not. Bluntness happens when people have the ability and perhaps the bravery to say the first thing that pops into their head. Every word I speak to you comes from a place inside of me that is incapable of sugar coating … Continue reading Real Talk