Closure. I hear that word a lot. We all do. You need closure. Get closure and move on with your life. Do you know what that means? I don’t. I never have. Closure is not a luxury that I have ever experienced in my life. Not once have I ever been hurt or used, and … Continue reading Closure.


Stupid Boy

  I was as surprised as you the day we met. Sitting on your suitcase hair flopped over in your eyes. I was unleashing holy hell; glaring at the cowering masses, whilst giving the finger to ‘the man.’ I could only stop and stare; horrified and afraid at those doe eyes and thick lashes - … Continue reading Stupid Boy

Our Other Half

I am not a religious person. Not many people like me are. Many of us grew up going to whatever version of church our family tradition dictated we attend but at some point in our lives, we walked away from religion altogether.  Religion is often taught as a contradiction – don’t judge others but hey … Continue reading Our Other Half

Just One Person

I got asked a very important question today. "What do you want?" Yah, I know - cue the sappy romantic movie trailer. I digress. The answer is as simple as it is complicated. What do I want. I want one person - just one person to exist in my world for the simple ( There … Continue reading Just One Person

The Journey Home

I write about home a lot.  I guess it’s because I’ve never had one.  I’ve been trying to find my way home my entire life.  The day I signed the lease on my new apartment – I went straight to Lowes to pick out paint samples. The walls had to be purple, but not PURPLE. … Continue reading The Journey Home