We never actually had that talk, did we. Well, no matter. You can stop looking at me like that. We don’t need to talk about it, you and me. It’s all gonna be what it’s gonna be. They say the eyes are the window to the soul – we don’t need to talk about that, … Continue reading Farewell

To Breathe

my wish for you to breathe free without the fire in your lungs to stand tall without the urge to look away to dream big without the fear in your bones to be so gloriously you that the universe bends to your will - L.E. Free Verse Revolution Dec. Writing Prompt #2 'to breathe'


 “I knew her when…” he paused – then replied “Then. I knew her then.” “She’s different now,” he continued with a sigh “but I’m just not sure how.” “I’m not even sure she looks the same,” he said, stunned “but those eyes still set my heart aflame.” “There is a new look about her; an … Continue reading Metamorphosis


It’s barbed wire and roses, she said, when he asked about her tattoo. But, what does it mean, he queried; she only stared. She shrugged, then smiled. If you have to ask. - L.E.   #freeverserevolution Word Prompt "Roses"

The Anchors

Each of us has an anchor attached to our hearts. The fancy, clinical word for that is “trigger.” A place, a thing, a person, a time of year. It’s an almost predetermined path of self-deprecation and pain. We know this and yet, despite any therapeutic and/or spiritual guidance we receive – we follow this path, … Continue reading The Anchors


  Sweat soaked sheets and three am terrors punctuated by nightly defeat. Body twitching in agitation desperately seeking solace in the rising sun; salvation. Fuel to the soul; caffeine heart pumping fire, bleeding out the nicotine. Shaking hands light another mentally ticking off scars; hers. - L.E. Free Verse Revolution OCT. Writing prompt #4

Our Other Half

I am not a religious person. Not many people like me are. Many of us grew up going to whatever version of church our family tradition dictated we attend but at some point in our lives, we walked away from religion altogether.  Religion is often taught as a contradiction – don’t judge others but hey … Continue reading Our Other Half